Treat Yourself or Someone You Love After Tax Day


Tuesday, April 17th is tax day! Hopefully, you have filed way before the deadline and are well on the way to having a fat check in your hands or bank account. This might be the time to treat someone you love or yourself after tax day with the perfect gift. Or if you are feeling a little charitable our social impact gifting might be the best way to spread the love.

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What is Social Impact Gifting?


At Occasion Station, we believe in giving back whenever you can. Through our site, members can sign up to browse the charity pages and choose to adopt one of the posted gifting stations as their own. The member can immediately activate personal shopping to engage in support for that very special organization.


This can include a variety of non-profit organizations, foster care group homes, and charities that would love your assistance. There’s no better way to show that you care through dedicated support for those that need it with Occasion Station charitable gifting.


Gifting is all About Relationships


When you get right down to it gifting is all about creating relationships. That’s the founding principle of what gifting really means. When you give a gift, it’s with the goal of showing someone you care about them. So whether you are giving a gift to a cherished loved one, your best friend, or even participating in charitable gifting or corporate gifting it all goes back to making that important connection to create a stronger relationship. Even a gift for yourself is treating you the way you deserve to be treated! How beneficial is that?

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Let Your Hard Work Lead to Money Well Spent


When you give the ultimate gift and through our personal gift-shopper service, each and every gift you give will be spot-on perfect, you’ll find that there isn’t a hassle anymore surrounding gift giving. Check out our brand new gift galleries that have the very best lists of specially curated gifts by top trendsetters from all over the world. There is something for everyone here in categories of all kinds ranging from anniversaries, birthdays, and even corporate gift categories that will treat your clients, partners, and employees to the very best in concierge gifting.


The perfect gift says more than words. It’s just that simple. If you’re wondering how to best spend that tax day refund on April 17, it might be time to explore all that Occasion Station personal gift buying service can do for you.



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Treat Yourself or Someone You Love After Tax Day

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