Corporate Gifting: The Gift that Keeps on Giving (to You!)


If you didn’t give your biggest clients the perfect Christmas gift last year, Scrooge might be proud, but his miserly strategies were actually bad business practice. That’s right, sometimes you have to give to get, and corporate gifting can be the perfect way to say thank you to great clients, cultivate new ones, and reap some pretty amazing rewards (by which we mean profits). Here are just a few ways that corporate gifting can really be the gift that keeps on giving (to you!).

Corporate gifting can build brand awareness.

You might create skillfully designed and handwoven baskets, but did people know to come to you when they needed something for the Easter bunny to fill? If the answer was no, then you may need to start doing your best Santa impression and give some gifts away. That’s right, thoughtful corporate gifting strategies can be the perfect way to build brand awareness.

How does corporate gifting help to build brand awareness? Think about the best gift you ever received. We bet you remember not only what the gift was but who gave it to you. Corporate gifting works the same way. When you give the perfect gift to clients and potential clients, you leave an indelible impression: Of you!

Of course, you need to make sure the gifts you are giving are right for your clients. A cheese plate for someone allergic to dairy or baseball tickets to a hockey fan will leave an indelible impression all right, just not the one you’re looking for.

That is where a personal gift shopping service like Occasion Station can come in handy. We can find you the perfect gifts for your clients, wrap them, and ship them, all while you relax (or you know, do the hundred and one other things on your list).

Corporate gifting builds relationships with customers.

Just imagine an ordinary day punctuated by the sound of the doorbell. On your doorstep lies a package filled with your favorite gourmet snacks. Or, inside your mailbox is an envelope with tickets to your favorite sports team’s next game. Or, inside a small box is a customized watch. How do you respond?

If you are like most people, you reach out to the giver to say thanks. That gift helps to forge a connection between you and the giver. It doesn’t hurt that receiving a thoughtful gift gives you positive feelings toward the giver. Who wouldn’t want to reach out to someone who is thoughtful, kind, and interested in you?

Give your clients that experience and forge that kind of connection with the perfect corporate gifts. Send a Christmas gift to your biggest clients. Offer a personalized gift to clients who sign up within a certain period of time. Send a happy Easter trinket to people you haven’t heard from in the last six months.

You might be surprised how quickly they reach out and how easy it is to catch up. Just don’t forget to use the conversation to explore current and future needs that might just lead to more sales. Then your gifts will really be working for you.

Corporate gifts can build new leads and sales.

Your gifts might also work for you by earning new leads and sales for your business. For example, a welcome gift to new clients can build relationships that keep them coming back to you for years to come. Small gifts for strong prospects can help to close sales. And the right corporate gifts can leverage the power of networking on your company’s behalf.

For example, that gift basket won’t just tickle the taste buds of your client, but of everyone who walks through their office. That sample of baskets from your company might just catch the eye of a visitor. And their queries about those beautiful, thoughtful, or perfect gifts will lead them you know where…straight to you.

In addition, corporate gifts give you the opportunity to connect with your clients and pursue follow up sales. Sure your client has already established themselves by making a purchase from your business. But who’s to say they won’t need more of your products later on? And how will you know unless you keep the relationship going with thoughtful corporate gifts?

For example, say a client sees your watch sitting on their wrist. They might just remember they need to order some jewelry for their wedding coming up, or they might remember that they are almost out of those personalized business cards you specialize in. You know they won’t be turning to the competition to fulfill those needs. After all, they have your gift making them feel good about your company.

Corporate gifting can improve people’s perception of your brand.

Finally, the perfect corporate gifts can be the perfect way to help people think well of your business. Have a customer who is a little disgruntled? Try sending them a thoughtful present. Want clients to think about you first when they need what you offer? Send them a gift to keep your brand top of mind.

When you get the gift right (and that’s the important part), people will associate your brand with all the warm and fuzzy feelings we all get when we receive a thoughtful present. At the end of the day, Scrooge was actually missing out on some pretty great advantages by being his miserly self. But you don’t have to. Start gifting and see where it can take you and your clients over the next year.

Does it sound like your business could benefit from a great corporate gifting strategy? Then you might want to check out a personal shopper service like Occasion Station. We won’t just send along gifts that get your brand in front of people’s minds, we send the perfect gifts to keep your clients happy and engaged. And that can make you the gift giving hero of the corporate world.


Corporate Gifting: The Gift that Keeps on Giving (to You!)

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