Realtor Closing Gift Ideas: Personalized Business Gifts for a Personal Business


Ah, closing. That golden time when you complete a real estate sale, earn your commission and send your client off to enjoy the home of their dreams. Oh, and the time when you need to provide those clients with a meaningful housewarming gift. And we don’t mean yet another set of sheets or bland kitchen towels. The right closing gift will be a personalized business gift because real estate is a personal business. If you’ve done your job (and getting to the closing means you have), you have gotten to know your client well. Here you’ll find the best realtor closing gift ideas to wow your clients.

Use that knowledge to give them a gift that they will use and treasure for years to come (after all, you want them telling all their friends about their awesome realtor, right?). To get you started, here are a few ideas for personalized business gifts you can give in the personal business of real estate.


Give framed historical maps of the client’s new town.

Give home décor a personal touch by ditching the clichéd plaques and commissioning a framed historical map of your client’s new town or city. Beautiful, historically accurate, and fascinating, these maps make the perfect personalized business gift for your real estate clients.

Even people who are just moving down the street will appreciate a new look at familiar territory, while newbies to an area will embrace the chance to learn a little more about the history of their new location.

Give a gift that is in keeping with your client’s hobbies and interests.

Personalized does not have to be monogrammed (Yes, even monogrammed items can become clichéd, so put down the monogrammed dish towels). Instead, a gift that shows how well you know your client can feel just as personal as a monogrammed pillow, while (let’s be honest) being far more interesting.

With that in mind, think about your clients’ hobbies and interests. What do they like to do in their spare time? What kind of spaces did they think were important when they were house hunting? Use that information to find the perfect personalized business gift for them.

For example, are they soccer enthusiasts? Get them a copy of a soccer ball signed by a member of their favorite team. Do they love to grill? Great gifts for grillers might include thermometer tongs, a set of high-quality spices and rubs, or even a grill light. Need wine gifts? Go beyond a bottle of wine. Be creative, and find a gift that matches their personality and lifestyle for a gift that they will love (and talk about) for years to come.


Throw a housewarming party.

With your clients’ permission of course. And make sure to do it right (i.e. Skip the pizza and paper plates). Customized invitations and coasters (did you know you can get personalized coasters that your clients can use after the party, too?), high-quality beverages, and delicious gourmet snacks can all equal a housewarming party to remember. If you’re lucky, you might even net some leads. Invite the neighbors to give your clients a chance to make some new friends, and include a customized guest book so your clients can remember who came on this memorable day.

Of course, a housewarming party means a clean house. If the thought makes your clients nervous (Because a clean house is hard enough when your stuff isn’t piled in boxes) consider throwing an outdoor housewarming party instead. We think it goes without saying that you should probably reserve this tactic for nice weather days.

Create a gift basket with local gifts (that your client will love).

As a realtor, you connect clients with the perfect house. Connect them with the perfect local businesses too with a customized gift basket. To make the basket personal, start with your client’s interests and find a local business to match those interests to.

You know those great gifts for grillers? One idea is a gift basket filled with spices, rubs, and even cuts of meat from the local butcher. Do they love to sew? A sewing basket filled with items from the local sewing shop might be ideal. Want to give your clients a special and easy date night in while they unpack? Fill the basket with their favorite snacks and easy dinner foods (Don’t forget the adult beverages. Moving is hard, y’all).

This gift is a win-win-win. You get your clients talking about their amazing realtor (That’s you!). They get a gift that is perfect for them, and the local businesses get a little bit of exposure to new neighbors. What’s not to love about this personalized business gift?


Purchase a personalized business gift that matches your client’s new home needs.

Unless they’ve built their home from the ground up, your clients will need something to make their home a little more perfect. Help them get there with a personalized gift that matches their new home needs.

For example, did your clients discuss changing up the look of the living room? Schedule them a sit down with an interior designer. Did they cringe at the color of the master bedroom? Find them a great painter to spruce up the walls. Does their yard lack a playset for their small children? Make sure one is delivered (and set up) shortly after moving day.

These kinds of thoughtful gifts can make your client’s dream home even better than they imagined. And knowing you were paying enough attention to get them the right gift for the right home can mean they (or their friends and family) will be back for their future real estate needs.

Closing gifts are a chance to show your appreciation for your client, make their transition a little easier, and help them remember you in the months and years to come. Make this type of personalized business gift count with a thoughtful and creative present. And don’t forget, the best way to get the perfect personalized business gift is to use a gift shopper service like Occasion Station. You give us the information, and we track down the gift and have it ready by closing day. You get to focus on making sure the closing goes smoothly, and we focus on making sure you have an amazing gift to hand your clients. Now that’s a win-win.


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Realtor Closing Gift Ideas: Personalized Business Gifts for a Personal Business

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